Our family February 2013

Welcome to our website. Kristina is the Mom and Sun is the Dad. The whole tribe lives on a tiny volcanic island in the Caribbean Sea called Montserrat.

Montserrat is an island where two thirds of it has been destroyed since our Soufriere Hills volcano woke up. This volcano has the potential to be quite devastating through many types of activities as it is an andesite volcano like St. Helens. One third of the island is safe and completely inhabited however the rest of the land, which includes the original capital of Plymouth, is uninhabitable and like a waste land.

We have both traveled around the world doing missions work with Youth With A Mission before God led us to each other in 2001. In 2001 we began a courtship and were married in Dec of 2003. Believe it or not we both made a commitment to not engage into any kind of romantic relationship with anyone until we felt that God led us to do so, as a result we never engaged in “making out” or other romantic activities until we were married to each other. Our first kiss together was the day before we were wed, as we did not want our first kiss to have an audience.

We both have a desire to seek the will of God in our lives and follow it wholeheartedly. So after we were married we took time off from missions work all together as we felt God wanted us to focus on building a good foundation for our marriage. In 2007 we had our first baby (natural water birth) which was followed by our second son in 2008. In January of 2013 we welcomed our daughter. Currently we feel God leading us into full time ministry and we are slowly transitioning into that as God provides the provision needed to do so.

Kristina’s first focus is to be a good wife, mom, home maker and to make our home a refugee of peace for all those who enter. She is a home schooling mom and also helps in various ministry activities. You can find out more about her and the routine of her daily life in her blog.

Beyond being a husband and father, Sun is a musician. God has given him many songs in different genres which makes a variety of styles to listen to, although he was originally classically trained and later attended the Jazz school founded by world renown bass player Jeff Berlin. He has been exposed to the world of music through his entire life as his family was always involved and his parents were recording artists as well. Over the last fifteen years he’s recorded and documented music but he recently began the task of re-recording and revising the recordings for commercial and ministry use. He feels very strongly that the lyrical content of the music has been inspired of God and not of himself, his prayer is that the right people who need to hear it will truly “hear” and this will bless their lives.

We both pray that our lives honor God everyday and that we will continue to allow God to work through us to help those around us come into a real relationship with their Saviour.