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Christ Came to Fulfill the Law


I have wondered in the past if the “grace message” is the blame of all the compromise that I see. However the only way that could possibly be the fact would be because of ineptness of ministers to truly minister via the Holy Spirit the full heart of the grace message. ¬†Grace is an amazing thing, and it is a gift given to the New church, to those us so lucky to live in the generations after Christ death on the cross. The blood of Jesus has provided more then we will ever comprehend in this small faceted dimension that we find ourselves presently in. Continue reading →


My wonderful talented sister-in-love Elise Lea!


A few years ago we were sitting on the couch and received a phone call from our brother. He was considering bringing a girl home to meet the family, since this involved traveling across the ocean to a tiny volcanic island we knew this was a pretty big deal. He prepared Elise with great detail I am sure about all the odditys of us all :) (I like us all a little quirky, it works for us) And of course he prepared us with great diligence about Elise. He wanted everything to be perfect and for the first meeting to be wonderful, for good reason to, he was not bringing home a girl to meet his family, he was bringing home his brand new fiance to meet us! Continue reading →