Instead of Christ followers focusing on changing laws, or the actions of our government we could focus on changing ourselves to be more like Christ. What if we as a community truly did follow the narrow way, and had abundant life? IF we as a church chose to walk out the living word of God in our lives day to day, sold out for him, what would it look like and how would Gods image be reflected in us and in turn into society? If our hearts were truly like “a dear panting for water,” would the hearts of our neighbors be changed? Could we once again be the salt and light of a lost world? IF we were truly salt in light and ambassadors of Yahweh, then would not governmental laws be of no use in our cause because we as followers would make choices to live a certain way rather than be demanded, manipulated or forced to? Did Jesus focus on changing what was Ceaser’s? or did he focus on discipleship and the heart of a man? Continue reading →