A, Mom staying at home, a choice.

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Let me state this at the beginning for all those who read through this post.  I am not naive enough to think that my words would apply to women (or men) across the board. Obviously some of us truly do not have the choice to stay at home and raise our children.  I also understand there are those who do have the “luxury” of staying home.  This post simply reflects  wear I am at and away for me to try to verbalize my feeling s on the subject.

Staying at home with my children is not a luxury.

Staying at home is not a part time job.

Staying at home with my children is making a choice,

Choosing to give myself completely in raising healthy well rounded adults

Choosing to not have cable or satellite tv.

Choosing not to have two cell phones or two cars.

Choosing to budget our finances differently.

Choosing to trust an inner voice and not to go with the crowd.

It is not an option because my husband has such a great position and he is bringing home salary for two.

For those who think it is easy, my day, every day starts at 6:30am. I do not have weekends off.  My work day tends to end around 8:00pm however I am on call every night and am called into action at least four nights a week if not more. I have no sick days, no holidays, no personal days.


I am required to do a laundry often two loads everyday, which involves hanging clothes on the line, letting our solar dryer work, make three meals a day, plan and teach a third grade curriculum, 2nd grade curriculum and preschool activities, I am also needed to conduct speech therapy with my youngest.

I must take time to educate myself on the science behind food, what various nutrients do for our bodies,  how to strengthen immune systems , how to help achieve a level of health that allows our entire family to flourish.

Making time between everything life brings to connect with Jesus and to allow God, Jesus to have influence in me, and then in turn to each of those in my family.

Being the family psychologist determining what makes each person tick, how to bring peace, self confidence,  and how to manage peace in our home (peace in the home is a work in progress).


Judge and Jury for all fights, there is no principle to send my kids to, I get to decide the results and who started one and strive to bring justice in our home as needed.

Between all of this in order to help the family financially I take phone calls, do accounting, manage a guest villa, mat and frame pictures, answer e-mails and more.

It is a honor to live my life. I am blessed with a wonderful man of God who does everything possible to take care of his family spiritually and physically. My husband is an incredible gift to me and helps me to see all that is possible in this life. He encourages me, holds me, and loves me and my sometimes demanding red headed ways. He compliments me in every way and I hope that I compliment him.


My children are incredible. I have seen their  first steps, their first everything. I have held them when they cry, and prayed with them when they needed to know they were more then conquers. They have taught me life is fun, and how to love when it is hard. They have taught me patience un imaginable, they have taught me how to celebrate every victory big and small, they have reminded me how to see the world through their eyes. They have also reminded me and continue to do so everyday how not to take myself too seriously (which I have a tendency to do).

I get to be so many things it is incredible. I am an artist, a nurse, a nutritionist, herbologist, maid, accountant, bookkeeper, chef, life coach, teacher, executive assistant, web designer and more. What other position would allow you such career flexibility? What other position provides so many daily challenges? What other position allows you to pursue your passions? What other career path allows you such unique opportunities each day? What other position influences people forever? In my line of work I am not just a number, I am not just doing a task, I am not just putting up with co workers. I get to help change the world!


It is the hardest, most challenging position I have ever taken on, and it has days, I wonder why I have chosen this path. But in the end the rewards are endless, and I am so happy to have had the fearlessness to choose this path.

Just please do not say It is a luxury.  Ultimately I with my husband have made a choice, one I am proud of, and one with Gods strength and grace will continue to do well.

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  1. clover

    So well said, Babe! And I am so proud of this particular post, as it echoes my past in raising your husband and his brothers. I am so proud of you, Red!!!!!!!



    • sun@volcano-island.com Post author

      Thank-you Mom.

      I was hoping you would like this writing as it is so reminiscent of what you both chose to do. Sun and I are both blessed with parents who made these same choices, and we are so much better for it. Loveme

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