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DSC_0172Written By: Kristina and Sun

Alongside most of my days, while fulfilling errands, another event will coincide. Inevitably I am asked, why are they (my children) not in school? Then comes the discussion of homeschooling…

Most of the time I answer in as few words as possible and try to quickly bow out of a useless conversation of which I am presumed to be the idiot before anyone even saw me. Quite frankly, I do not have the time or patience to “discuss” such things unless an individual actually has the intent to allow two-way communication to be exchanged. Mostly I receive an uneducated, one-sided point of view from those whom have done no research on the topic of homeschooling what-so-ever. After all… if someone had researched, the first question would not be posed. It’s unfortunate that many people have an aptitude for choosing to believe one-line sweeping generalizations. Continue reading →