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Keeping it Real


Zone V tour into Plymouth have been cancelled since the passage of hurricane Maria. Having an inability to provide an excursion to four different tours this week would love to have open communication to the situation.

The season has started, and we have been waiting 8 long weeks for our income to return. I cannot express the disappointment, and frustration we feel largely based on a lack of communication. Words like”soon, later, sometime, check back with me….” are not communication! Continue reading →


This Body


My head, face, hair, arms, legs, torso, stomach, all combine to make the wonderful curves of a woman and a mother.

What was once voluptuous and beautiful became a home for nine months creating more curves and beauty. The belly grew, the hips widened to make room for this incredible gift that was placed with in me.

Each passing week the skin stretched and became more beautiful, shiny, globe like object right there for all who passed by to look upon. Continue reading →


A, Mom staying at home, a choice.


Let me state this at the beginning for all those who read through this post.  I am not naive enough to think that my words would apply to women (or men) across the board. Obviously some of us truly do not have the choice to stay at home and raise our children.  I also understand there are those who do have the “luxury” of staying home.  This post simply reflects  wear I am at and away for me to try to verbalize my feeling s on the subject. Continue reading →




The Soul Surfer movie has brought up some discussion on various Christian forums in regards to modesty and has sparked a discussion between my husband and myself.

I know there are different levels of what some women and men consider to be modest. Some feel it is only modest to be in a tunic covered head to toe with the eyes showing only, then there is the other extreme where you can talk to a sixteen year old girl brought up and raised in the church feeling she is being modest practically living in a bikini or the French women who thinks she is perfectly modest on the topless beach. Continue reading →