We have multiple opportunities each day to practice our faith, but how many of us take them? As we take the time to ask the Holy Spirit to direct our paths each day, even with the small decisions: ie what should I eat for breakfast, what should I wear today, How can I be a blessing today, what should be the order of my day….

We often become trapped into our daily routines leaving little room for the Holy Spirit to redirect our time for any given day. As we choose to include and listen to the Holy Spirit on all matters of our day we make a conscious effort to listen to the still small voice in our hearts our faith will begin to grow. As our faith grows we begin to trust the still small voice and know it is indeed the Spirit guiding and leading us. 

In the grocery store last week I picked up some oatmeal and put into the cart. I had a prompting that I should open up the oatmeal and look in at the check out (we sometimes get products in Montserrat with webels or moths). I chose not to listen to the prompting and rationalized why I was being paranoid. In the end I went to make oatmeal the next day for the boys and low and behold moths flew out! I quickly closed the oatmeal and kicked myself for not opening it at the store. I still was able to return the oatmeal and things worked out fine. However I would have saved myself the trip of returning the oatmeal, of not having breakfast for the boys… If I just listened to the prompting I received from the Holy Spirit. The good thing is it still grew my faith because I knew I heard the Holy Spirit in the store and I later confirmed I should have listened. 

Now in the above scenario it was easy to confirm I should have listened, but there are many times we may not see so quickly the result of our choosing to not listen. God is nonlinear seeing the beginning from the end, He knows how everything that happens has an effect, regardless if we see it right away or not. But God gives us opportunities to confirm to us that we are hearing is voice so that we will follow that quite prompting and trust that it is His Spirit indeed leading us.

My prayer is that we will allow Gods spirit to prompt us throughout the day and we will practice following whatever the prompting is. God wants to relate with us on a daily basis. He longs for a real relationship where we are on conversation to Him throughout the day. For us that can be difficult as we tend to analyze and questions everything. Let us all give ourselves a chance to grow our faith.