As a homeschooling mama we have found that there is an education in every task that must be done. Chores have been a part of life in our home for awhile. However things like brushing teeth, picking up toys have become personal responsibilities and not chores.

In my house I have two little boy super heroes :) One is the Super Duper folder and the other is the Super Duper Putter Awayer. We try to have as much fun as we can, why should work have to be “unfun”?


With young children growing and maturing the chores and the quality of the chores that are being done seems to be constantly shifting.

I was frustrated with standard chore charts because they seem to be to inflexible. For us not the same chore needs to be done every day. We vacuum every other day, while toys must be picked up every day, while the book shelf should be organized once a week…


So After looking on the internet for some inspiring ideas for a flexible chore chart that change as the children change this was the result. I am very happy with it, I use the tags and place a chores under their names based on what must be done every few days. It encourages reading and some independence in that they take the tag off complete, the chore, and then Mommy checks their quality of work and puts the tag back in the finished chores can.

This project was simple to make. We acquired a piece of old board, not likely to be used for anything as it was cut crooked anyways. Put some paint on it.


To make it slightly more folksy I added a combing affect. To do this paint effect no need for any special tools just grab a comb or something else you can drag through the wet paint to create an interesting pattern. Once the paint dried I added stick figures for each of us in the family, I have since thought about adding some super hero capes to the boys and maybe a tiara for the little princess.


To hang it my board was thick enough to add a couple of screws, I then tied rope around the screws and put it on the wall.


The can that collects finished chores is an old coffee can, I added the same color of paints to make it uniformed and drilled a hole into the can in the back, Then I hung it up. Of course with a little imagination you can come up with all kinds of great ways to implement this project.

I hope that this will last for years and continue to grow with us. It will certainly be easy enough to change the types of chores we do.