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Instead of Christ followers focusing on changing laws, or the actions of our government we could focus on changing ourselves to be more like Christ. What if we as a community truly did follow the narrow way, and had abundant life? IF we as a church chose to walk out the living word of God in our lives day to day, sold out for him, what would it look like and how would Gods image be reflected in us and in turn into society? If our hearts were truly like “a dear panting for water,” would the hearts of our neighbors be changed? Could we once again be the salt and light of a lost world? IF we were truly salt in light and ambassadors of Yahweh, then would not governmental laws be of no use in our cause because we as followers would make choices to live a certain way rather than be demanded, manipulated or forced to? Did Jesus focus on changing what was Ceaser’s? or did he focus on discipleship and the heart of a man?

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It saddens my heart to hear so many Christians give up on living and obeying Christ and the word of God. We rationalize so much, because it is easier to say we can’t do it then to fight for doing what is right in our own lives. We live in a society that is so eloquent with excuse after excuse, that many of us have compromised our faith and given up the promises of God, because we feel it is un attainable. We become our own Gods deciding what is truly possible in this day and age and what is not, instead of accepting that what God set before us is indeed possible.

The funny thing is that I often feel so badly to those who have made poor choices I choose not to share the celebrations in my own life and how God has blessed us, fearing that would mean I was being prideful, or people would think I was judging them for not making those choices. But what if by not sharing those things I have un intentionally also hidden The abundant love of Christ in our lives and the demonstration of his word being true.


Sun and I waited to kiss each other on the lips the night before our wedding 13 years ago. I am so blessed to be married to a man who was willing to deny himself , and wait for the timing of God. There are so many things we do not have to think about, because of choosing to love God and love each other in this way. I truly believe it is out of this initial commitment and love for each other we have lives that are so much easier.

I watch friends who have not honored God and cannot imagine having to live life the way they do. I cannot imagine having to share parenting skills with a step parent whom I do not love but the man or woman who committed to be with me until death do us part no longer wanted me and chose to be with them. I cannot imagine not being able to make unified decisions in the upbringing of our kids, or having to share birthdays, Holidays…. and always feel like I am not a part of certain areas of their lives. I cannot imagine having a fast paste passionate love story that left me being a single mother having to fight for every choice I made with my kids, for making the silly mistake of sleeping with someone who does not share my values, conscious or God. I cannot imagine being father that was not allowed to welcome their child into this world, or spend time bonding during the initial months of life. I cannot imagine dying of a disease that if I would have taken care of my temple I would not be dealing with or putting those who love me through. Not being able to work, or hold down a job because of my addiction. There are many victims in this world, but unfortunately many of us fall victim from our own choices, and there does come a time we have to own that, in order to embrace a new life.



And all though my heart tugs with compassion and love for all my friends, there is always the thought in my mind that this was not Gods plan, this was NOT abba fathers plan. However I know that Gods grace is sufficient and that he always returns with love to us again and again and again. I know that He works all things out for the good for those that love him. He continually and amazing turns our ashes to beauty. So I choose to love and understand and believe Gods redeeming power that I have witnessed so much in my life.

However now I question by not celebrating following Gods will in our own life, have I un intentionally like the world given up on the fact that things can be abundant and happy as we submit our lives to him from the start? Have I accepted the lie it is impossible for people to not sleep around, live together, for most couple to divorce, to get drunk once in a while, to make super poor choices…. Our society almost makes the act of making poor, dumb choices some kind of rite of passage and that we are lacking if we have not made a few of them.

Ultimately my question is how can we be more Christ like and reflect God’s will (not just his love) in our lives to be living examples of what God has for us.

For me this week as the Supreme Court of the US has made some decisions that I do not agree with I do not want to forget that at the end of the day, God knows a man’s heart. That God wants a man’s heart, and that if God has a man’s heart he will make the Godly choices in his life with the Holy Spirit providing comfort, love, wisdom, and correction. So instead of asking the Government of the United States to do something that God is responsible for, maybe we should be seeking God, and discipleship of those around us and being living examples of Gods will and love in our own life.


In closing I want to add that of course Sun and I are not perfect , and we have had conflict, and aches in our own life. We lost our first pregnancy at 13 weeks, and then we lost a little boy named Isaac at 16 weeks. Sun struggle with debilitating migraines since the age of six years old, I have some minor health issues. We have three kids who are homeschooled and our patience is tested daily, typically several times a day :) Autumn Grace is a testimony of the Love of God and his Grace to always see us through. We struggle with honoring and loving each other at times. But as we honor God first, and choose to live his life style, regardless of what the world says is right we see victories every day, and in the end its worth it.

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  1. Felicia Linch

    Kris, bless you for being so authentic- it is your authenticity that the Holy Spirit will use to draw people to see there is a different way; an abundant life. Continue being slat and light.
    Love you

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