I hope this post finds everyone doing well and enjoying the holiday season!

This year we watched The Nativity Story and it moved me. I had not seen the movie before, it came out in 2006 and I just figured what could be great about the movie and it was probably low budget and lacked quality… Boy was I wrong!

I am not saying there were no flaws in the movie or the production process, but the movie was truly incredible. It made me feel exactly what those shepherd would have felt on the eve of Christ birth. To know this is the Savior or the world, to know the prophecies and to truly understand this is Emmanuel the son of God, God with us… My heart leaped inside for the joy and hope that I felt this very day and season of my life. Jesus is everything, and he has made this incredible relationship with God possible. If it was not for Jesus the daily conversations, the Holy Spirits guidance would not be with me, how hopeless life would feel. Saved by Grace, my sins forgiven, living in true freedom because of the birth of this Child! The movie was a blessing for me and I encourage anyone who has not seen it please do.

I do have a three year old and four year old and I would not let them watch the movie because of the brief seen (which shows nothing) of King Harold ordering the killing of all children under two. This seen made me weep and feel pain inside as I truly cannot imagine being one of those women losing her baby boy. While we are thankful to Mary and Joseph for what they did, my husband and I are reminded to be thankful for the sacrifice these families also made during this horrendous season of their lives. I pray they now are united in heaven with their children.

As some of you may see on our site the bolg has come down and been re done, we will try to continue to put the older post up as time allows.

We were able to give out several baskets this year again at Christmas through the donations that came in. The families were so thankful and Sun and I felt so blessed that we were the vessels to deliver them. The smiles and tears shared truly do make this season bright! It also continually reminds us what we have to be thankful for and Gods blessings in our own life.

We hope you all enjoy this season and the new year. I love the picture of our kids above because they are just having fun, something I truly think God wants for us all. It does not take much to have fun, just a little creativity given to us by the Creator.



A New Year!