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My head, face, hair, arms, legs, torso, stomach, all combine to make the wonderful curves of a woman and a mother.

What was once voluptuous and beautiful became a home for nine months creating more curves and beauty. The belly grew, the hips widened to make room for this incredible gift that was placed with in me.

Each passing week the skin stretched and became more beautiful, shiny, globe like object right there for all who passed by to look upon.

The breast became rounder and softer creating gentle pillows for my lover to lay his head on

My hips opened up making room for this precious gift to come

Then with slight discomfort that increased as a storm coming upon a shore this gift arrived into a sun lit sky and a rainbow on the horizon.

The home was vacant and now empty. Those wonderful curves turned into jelly and rocks. Lines were left as if to say “x” marks the spot, where there was once a treasured buried. The curves of the breast turned to stone and were untouchable.

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In days following the breast became soft and a precious gift of life and nourishment. Soft curves flowed down my body once again. The belly quite large was still soft and like jelly providing a warm place for my lover to lay his head.

It is amazing how something seems so hideous to the wearer, but becomes an attractive quality to others most of all the lover.

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  1. clover

    I love the way you expressed your thoughts on this, Kris…You are MUCH more poetic than you think!!!To under-gird the body (as it were) of what you have written, I’d like to add a poem that I wrote to you in the introduction to a book dedicated to you, titled: “Everyday Lady.” Here’s the piece, dedicated to you on your 29th birthday:

    Birthday Blessings to Kristina Mae Lea

    Turning into twenty-nine
    you have turned in two ways:
    You’ve softened in God’s Love divine,
    yet sharpened up your gaze

    upon the days of life that lie
    before your open eyes.
    As wife and mother you may cry
    when caught in the demise

    of being in, not of, this world
    where living all unfolds.
    You’ve earned the right your heart to share,
    vulnerable yet bold.

    It is in this soft womanhood,
    the curve of gentle love,
    that we behold how very Good
    Is He who shines above.

    The Nurturer whose substance flows
    as readily as we
    can take it in. God only knows
    and gives… infinitely.

    With second child coming along
    and one bright blue-eyed boy,
    you’re clarifying right and wrong
    to better see the joy

    that you will know as daughter, wife,
    lover, mother, and friend.
    No longer child but ever so
    Woman – Create and mend.

    Flex and bend.
    Tough and tender.
    Soft kiss – Sweet cheek.
    Peek-a-boo – Hide and seek.

    Ebb and flow.
    Stretch and grow.
    Full lips.
    Round hips.

    What a way
    to swim into
    the loving living
    that we do!

    Soft in manner. Sharp to see,
    Love is the banner flying free.
    Keeping this before your eyes,
    your choices will be sound and wise.

    “Soft and sharp – Gentle and firm,”
    seem to be contradicting terms.
    But not so in the Real Life,
    reflected in the mother-wife.

    Well done, Good Woman! You do well.
    (And also you do Good.)
    Your children’s hearts will beat to tell
    of your sweet womanhood.

    Happy Birthday, Sweet Kristina!

    with mother-love from


    September 19, 2008

    • sun@volcano-island.com Post author

      You are the most incredible poet! This poem always touches my heart. I just read it again about a month ago. So glad I have the book.

      For those of you on lookers in this comment please check out Every Day Lady at http://www.cloversongs.com Really beautiful writings and poetry.

      Love me

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