First let me start by stating I love Western medicine. The things we can now do medically boggle the mind and offer hope where there are many times none. But what it sorely lacks is understanding the bodies physiological response that causes the disease/sickness to begin with often.

Here is a little story…

A few years ago I was researching various holistic approaches to health and stumbled on something called black salve or cansema. If you look up images of its uses you could be scared right out of your pants. But as you dig deeper and deeper into how to use it, why to use it, and the positive effects it is incredible. What is it used for you ask, the treatment of skin cancer.

Having had sunburns, and living in the Caribbean skin cancer is in the back of my mind. Plus my mother in love found herself dealing with small skin cancers. She went the traditional route and treated them with a medical cream given by her doctor. Unfortunately the cream works but then the spots grow back.

After prayer and research we ordered some black salve together. She has used the cream on her cancer and it has done as advertised and brought the cancer out. I also used it on some moles and other areas that were questionable on my skin and nothing happened. For our own experimental purposes she has put it on her skin as well in areas that would not have cancer and nothing happens. This is important to note because the FDA and many others say it is simply a corrosive cream that will eat through any skin (this is contrary to what black salve web-sites state “it only targets cancer cells”)

So personal experience has concluded that cancer cells were indeed targeted and upon post checks with a dermatologist he stated there appears to be no cancer there now.

I stumbled on various forums where women are now using black salve to treat breast cancer. Many mention that this is a last resort as the process is very painful. Most who go through with using the black salve in this manner do it under a holistic and/or osteopathic doctor.

Australia and America have banned this product from use, doctors would not be allowed to even prescribe it. I understand that doing this un supervised would not be advisable, but for our governments to ignore the results and not take the time to conduct research on these products is also frightening. And remember I am not talking about results I have read, but rather results I have experienced. Since I have applied the black salve myself I know it did nothing to my skin even though I wanted it to, so for the FDA and other agencies to simply say this is quackery, lies and that it is caustic and will burn holes into people’s skins regardless of cancer cells(which is not true); makes me wonder what else they are not being honest with.
They can prescribe Chemo and Radiation to patients which kills so many parts of the body from the inside out and usually many times only offers a few extra months of life, this is okay, but black salve is not?

I do not want to believe that cancer is a billion dollar industry for pharmaceutical companies and there would be so much corruption from the upper ranks to inhibit the use of more natural less damaging products and or cures for cancer. Could that be? Medical doctors are wined and dined by these companies all the time, just because you are a doctor does not mean you are superior to the influence of advertising… Pharmaceutical companies would not be paying out this money if their money was not working in their favor.

I want to state I do not think the average doctor is corrupt, and greedy. I believe many doctors are in the rat race and doing the best they can with the information they are given. Doctors generally I believe or certainly want to believe care about people and their patients. Even if your original goal of becoming a doctor was because of the rewards, how can you not end up caring deeply for people? Hurting with them and wanting to sincerely see them live happier, comfortable and productive lives (some say I am naive).

One interesting note with this is that the dermatologist that my mother in love saw was in the great state of Texas. She showed him the black salve and he had some un opened in his desk! He said it is very caustic and will burn any skin, she replied that it was not and then his caution was not to use it on her face. What is interesting to me is that he had never decided to test it on any portion of his own skin. Only believe the negative reports from the FDA and powers that be. My mom in love was at least his second patient to use the cream with success, but he still chose to ignore its results.

Living here I have been exposed to both types of medicine and I think I am better for it. I was lucky to find iodral when younger and credit it to the fact my thyroid is healthy.

I truly do love both medicines but I do not like that western medicine tends to use fear to manipulate patients into doing what they want you to or do not want you to do.

We are so conditioned to this fear when a doctor tells us this may be harmful we trust him and dismiss our search/healing. While we will go ahead with taking toxic medicines prescribed from them with a whole host of side effects. Of course their medicines only rarely have these side effects (hence all the lawsuits) and are worth the risk, while natural medications are guaranteed to have these side effects and are never worth the risk.