I have wondered in the past if the “grace message” is the blame of all the compromise that I see. However the only way that could possibly be the fact would be because of ineptness of ministers to truly minister via the Holy Spirit the full heart of the grace message.  Grace is an amazing thing, and it is a gift given to the New church, to those us so lucky to live in the generations after Christ death on the cross. The blood of Jesus has provided more then we will ever comprehend in this small faceted dimension that we find ourselves presently in.

It seems to be human nature to struggle with the law, and the idea of becoming legalistic. Even if you are from a non denominational church striving to breakdown barriers that separate us we have created a new church. We are not baptist, Methodist, catholic, we are non-denominational. We often like laws, we like knowing our limits, it is built into our DNA. It is in knowing the law, knowing where we came from that allows us to see our complete need for God, without it, where would we be? I truly believe God has a plan and purpose for making us this way, but as with most things it can be abused and mis directed.

I have had several conversations over the years about a subject that really brings un easiness in my spirit, that hurts my heart. That subject is generational curses. Everything is spiritual, but for ease of conversation I am going to divide my thoughts into two categories. Firstly on a purely psychological level, then on a spiritual level.

On a psychological level I can certainly see that we each are predisposed to certain behaviors that we have witnessed with in our families for generations. It is not difficult to see that someone who grew up without a father or ever saw their mother marry would choose to do the same in their life. Our dear brother grew up without his mom or dad, and his dad left him at a very young age, God has redeemed all of that in his life, when he and his wife married they named there first born son a name that means redeemed , He declared no longer would his family be subject to the past, from his generation forward his children would have fathers and so would his children’s children. If fear ran and operated in your parents life, there is that tendency to allow it to run in your own. Many of us as we have become adults have said we would never do “this” like our parents, but we find ourselves doing it. So I get it things live on from generation to generation for a number of reasons.

However on the spiritual side of things Jesus has come and broken all of that! We are free from sin, shame, curses… Of course that does sometimes require us actually acknowledging it and walking in it. Here is a picture that if you have children you can relate to. Toddlers find themselves in all kinds of predicaments they are very capable of dealing with, but if they do not know they can deal with it, they sit down and begin to cry/whimper, or scream. We have one step into our house, and I leave the front door open often, now Autumn (nine months old) could easily crawl out the door, she would not hurt herself, but she does not. She will crawl to the threshold and bang her hand on the door, and never come across. Now one day very soon I will either take the time to show her she can do it, or she will figure it out on her own. The day she figures out she can go in and out will not give her anymore or any less freedom and liberty then she has at this very moment, but she will free her mind! Suddenly a whole new world opens up to her.  I feel that is most christians in regards to all kinds of things that bind us up, we are living deprived un fulfiled lives because we do not know we can go across the thresh hold.

This week I found myself yet again having this conversation about the generational curses and I yet again said, but that is old testament that does not apply. Then the dreaded argument I always hear but have no rebuttal for is that Jesus came to fulfill the law. In the hours after this Sun and I had some wonderful discussions and thoughts past back and forth. I of course dug into the Bible and found many scriptures that tell us we are free from any curses… But this is not enough I want to understand the “fulfill the law” Then it occurred to me, or Jesus reveled His heart in this to me and brought clarity and understanding. Please know this is something that was dropped into my spirit, I have no proof, of any translations from the Greek to prove this.

So here goes, my new revelation. The word fulfill is complete/finish, ie I fulfilled my duties at work today. Previously I think I have read and heard people share that with the concept of add to. The truth is Jesus Christ came to permanently fulfill the requirements of the law, they are done now, and we can live in freedom, without ceremonial burning, or any other old testament law that was in place to “fix” our sin so that we can be in communication with the father. The law is finished it is fulfilled it is done, we now live in a time of Grace, unmerited favor!

We truly do have access to the completeness of the new testament, to healing, to words of knowledge, to righteousness, to liberty! My way leads to life and life abundantly! But if we continue to choose to believe that we cannot go past the threshold, then we will live that way, held captive. So do generational curses exists, absolutely, but only because we do not truly believe and understand we do not have to live that way.

What is so exciting to me for the first time is that I am truly embracing the truth of what Christ has for me and what our lives can look like when we walk in the Grace. It is our own human nature that constantly takes us back to the law, and continually chooses to live in Mental Slavery. One of my favorite songs of all times is Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song”, and the line I love the most is “emancipate yourself from mental slavery; none but ourselves can free our minds…”

So today  ask God how can you live in liberty? God has great things for you! He wants you to live in freedom and in His perfect love. There is Grace on your entire life, unmerited favor waiting right there for you, take it, and run with it.

Below you will find some scripture references for further study on generational curses if you wish to read more:

This is the scripture that brings generational curses into the picture — Exodus 34: 6-7 …he punishes the children and their children’s children for the sin of the fathers to the third and forth generation.

Ezekiel 18:1-4 The word of the Lord came to me: “What do you people mean by quoting this proverb about the land of Israel: “The fathers eat sour grapes, and the children’s teeth are set on edge”? As surely as I live, declares the Sovereign Lord, you will no longer quote this proverb in Israel, For every living soul belongs to me, the father as well as the son–both alike belong to me. The soul who sins is the one who will die.”

The following scriptures give more info on why we do not live by this law of generational curses anymore:

Ezekiel 18: 14-16 and 18-20

Jeremiah 31:29-32

John 8:11