Proverbs 18:21 The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit.

Montserrat is undergoing a major transitional phase. The volcano here has been in an steady eruption phase for more than fifteen years!  Thankfully we have enjoyed almost three years of silence from the mountain.


Plymouth is now a modern day Pompeii, there is no hope of rebuilding Plymouth beyond that of a tourist attraction in my life time.


Our capital city was evacuated in 1997, folks thought they would one day return home. Days turned into weeks, weeks to months, months to years, and finally years are heading to decades.


Montserrat began rebuilding  years ago, but now we have finally received funding and building our a new town has begun. I am excited about Montserrat re identifying themselves and making a presence in the Caribbean again. After all we still talk to people on islands who are under the impression the island has been completely evacuated and there is no one left!


What does all this have to do with Proverbs 18:21 you ask?

It is a funny thing to try to spread vision to a large group of people that allows everyone to get on board. I am happy to hear ideas, but at some point in time a final decision has to be made with any project, and when this time is reached not everyone will be happy.


As I was complaining one day about some of the choices and how stupid I think these ideas are, and furthering my complaints with proclamations about how these choices would be Montserrat’s ruin, in that moment it occured to me I was activating Proverbs 18:21. There is one saying that is if you say it enough you will believe it. We also recently watched a TED Talks production were the presenter was demonstrating the power of the brain and how it can align up with what you believe. One of her statements was in life with some things you “fake it until you make it”, by doing this you allow for your brain and heart to catch up the truth (or what will become truth). We are told in the New testament to meditate on good pure things…

Light Bulb

Then I had one of those light bulb moments  (with my sluggish post pregnancy brain those are not always to frequent). I then occurred to me that as I drive by the construction to pray blessings and wisdom on the entire project.  I am excited for a new day to come in Montserrat. I am looking forward to our new town and our new hospital.  Montserrat economy has bombed since the volcano and took further hits with the global economic crisis, we need hope and a future.  I walk by the signs that display renderings of Montserrat’s future now choose to believe this new town will result in blessings for our country. This town will spur economic growth to our land. The new town will allow more visitors to come to our shores where they may be ministered to with peace and tranquility and the love of God.

Join me in praying and releasing positive proclamations over our lands, wherever you may reside. Just because something does not bring a great deal of understanding does not mean God cannot use it still. After all He is the best at using broken vessels!