The Spirit and Magic of Christmas

November 27, 2013 by

Many of you know that each year at Christmas Sun and I try to collect funds to give a baskets of food and presents for those who are not able to afford one during the Christmas season. However many of you may not know the reasoning behind this or you may think it is just a “nice charitable” thing to do.

I grew up in Michigan. Christmas was always a special time and I loved winter vacation, snow angels, eating snow, snow men, coming inside and not being able to feel the end of my nose :) We did not always have a lot for Christmas but my mom and dad always made it feel magical, cozy and warm. We had wonderful traditions that I am fortunate to now carry on with my own family.

My dad is a mechanic, a great one at that! He is a master mechanic and has always worked tremendously hard to support his family. Good mechanic or not, there is not a lot of money, glory, or appreciation for the job he does.

There was one Christmas in Michigan where things were not looking so good for us. Christmas was going to be small and quaint that year (which is not a bad thing). As a child I do not remember being disappointed by the fact there might not be much under the tree, and I do not remember any negative feelings. To my recollection we went to Christmas eve service and we went to bed that night in normal childhood anticipation for all the fun and family time that would be had the next day.

I awoke and went out of my bedroom to see a huge feast of food, and a Christmas tree full of presents! It was magical, It truly was like Santa really came. It felt to me like the kind of magic you feel when you watch “Miracle on 34th Street” and the little girl runs into the house at the end of the movie. I will never forget that Christmas because of the magic that came with it.

It is in that Christmas spirit that I wish to give to other families. Families who are not expecting it, families who have been a little down on their luck this past year, families who may have a modest Christmas meal without the trimmings. Families who will not forget someone cared, families who will know what it is like to experience the magic of Christmas, families who will experience Gods love through this simple act of kindness.

The Hallmark Channel, ABC family, and many other channels have Christmas movies playing all month long. One of the common themes is strangers giving to others in magical ways. These gifts often impact a person’s life forever. I do not know the church that gave the stuff to our family, but I have never forgotten that Christmas, nor have I ever forgotten Gods love for us.

Please join us in giving this year to people. We would love to bless ten families with toys, food, the works. Together we can bring joy and magic of Christmas that will lead to the Father.

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  1. Clover Lea

    Lovely story, Kris…Thank you so much for sharing! These intentional acts of genuine and un-patronizing kindness are really the least we can do to reflect and share God’s unthinkable love and mercy in giving to us the greatest Gift of all, when he gave us His Son!

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